Its Really Telling Of A Skill

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As someone who recently made the return out of osrs to rs3- yea we got consistent updates, but damn near all them felt like reskinned copies of shit we have already had. The combat skill basically comes down to can you afford this gear? Can you count automobile attacks? Would you recall to move two tiles after counting said attacks? It might appear that RuneScape gold the grass is greener, but it is also like old bum grass that's been around forever and somebody comes by and paints it another colour of green every week.

It easyer to put things into osrs because it is not that complex in coding compared to rs3. Rs3 has a great deal of things that they got to work with and polish prior to anything get discharge. But the significant issue with rs3 is insufficient communication with player base and maintaining to there schedule. Lol good god. You realize the attempt to create a boss on that potato is much simpler than rs3 correct? And we literally got a whole ass new skill. Imagine being this dumb.

The best part is that the OSRS playerbase is whining about it on twitter. So ungrateful for just how much communication and frequent attention they receive. There will still be some dude from the remarks who sincerely attempts to convince people rs3 has more content. I keep forgetting how great it's to have three fucking yak tracks. What you guys need content too? Push jagex into integrating rs3 images into oldschool with original oldschool client/graphic potential. They then can enlarge the osrs group and recycle a lot of content/areas that rs3 has(after it moves a poll). There would not be much content for a while in rs3, but all new content could be created for both games(with tweaks such as osrs/rs3 certain servers). Call it rs5 and osrs5. (or simply RS)

The Way the OSRS team Created mark's of elegance

Rumor has it every 3 weeks a selected brave karma farmer descends into the depths of the subreddit to precisely the exact same joke. 95% upvoted, honest to say it was appreciated by the huge majority. So just what buy RS gold is the problem here? You don't always make fun of something as you dislike it, it feels like they were only making a joke. What about this implies a problem? This isn't rhetorical I do not get it. The majority of the reposts are, tis the cycle of the reddit. And you picked redditor, have now been given the job of unraveling this universe of reposting.