Doesn'T Help When You Replace Every

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The best part is the RS gold playerbase is complaining about it on Twitter. So ungrateful for how much communication and regular attention they receive. There will still be some dude from the remarks who sincerely attempts to convince individuals rs3 has additional content. I remember how good it is to have 3 fucking yak tracks. What you guys want content also? Push jagex into integrating rs3 graphics into oldschool with original oldschool client/graphic potential. Then they can expand the osrs team and recycle a lot of content/areas that rs3 has(after it moves a poll). There wouldn't be much content for a while at rs3, but then all new content could be created for both games(with tweaks such as osrs/rs3 specific servers). Call it rs5 and osrs5. (or just RS)

How the OSRS team Created mark's of elegance

Rumor has it every 3 weeks a chosen brave karma farmer descends in to the depths of the subreddit to repost this exact same joke. 95 percent upvoted, honest to say that it was appreciated by the vast majority. So what exactly is the issue here? You do not necessarily make fun of something as you despise it, it seems like that they were only making a joke. What about this suggests a problem? This is not rhetorical I don't get it. And you picked redditor, have been awarded the task of unraveling this world of reposting.

Never noticed this post feels bad guy. Ive really tested the concept of taking a popular meme waiting a few weeks and then reposting it so I can benefit from the succulent karma! You forgot to capitalize"apostrophes" because it's in the start of a sentence. You also forgot to use a period to mark the end of a sentence. Except the omittance of a grammar feature is quite different from just adding a nonsensical one... however as another commenter pointed out, the poster's language uses apostrophes to denote plurals

Oh, there's always one of you. Those things are frequently accepted informalities since they're so obvious and do not alter the meaning of the sentence by leaving them out. Throwing in apostrophes where they do not belong does. It is pretty obvious what runescape 3 gold he meant. Can easily say the same about you correcting someone.